Electric Neck Massager for Heating Pain Relief

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Electric neck massager for heating pain relief.

Heating pain relief with relaxing pulse massager for back and neck. The best electric neck cervical physiotherapy massager tool and machine for heating Pain relief tool health care relaxation.

Intelligent Cervical vertebra Massage:
Six massage techniques more comfortable experience, easy to cope with cervical discomfort.

Enjoy the Comforable:
Relax body and mind, enjoy massage relieve cervial fatigue.

Electric Pulse Massage:
Simulate various massage techniques of traditional chinese medicine to promote local blood circulation and relax local muscules.

It Gets Into The Blood Circulation:
Constant temperature hot compress, relax blood vessels, relax muscules and bones, accelerate blood circulation, reduce cervical pain.

Microcurrent Circulation:
Drive neck muscules to move together, effectively relieve neck stiffness, swelling and pain caused by work and study.

Constant Temperature Hot Compress:
Simulate human hand temperature, bring warm skin feeling relieve body ache and fatigue.

Patch Massage More Than Neck:
External electrode patch may carry on the whole body meridian massage.

Multiple Modes Start Neck Massage:
Your personal cervical massage therapist, farewell to the era of single massage health is within reach.

Streamlined Circular Design:
The neck massage is comfortable. The electrode can be adjusted easily according to curve of the neck, the patch fits tightly with the cervical vertebra.

Please check the instructions before buying.
Note: Vibration is invisible to the naked eye, only by putting it on your neck can you feel it at work.
1.Please settle 2 pcs AAA batteries(NOT Included);
2. Switch on button;
3. Press ""on "" button . You will check the indicator display ""red', then change mode;
4. Bring a neck massager around your neck;
5. Press the button ""High"" until you feel an electric shock.

This device uses electric current to stimulate muscles to achieve the purpose of massage. There are 6 modes in total. 15 strengths. The intensity is too low to feel noticeable. When the intensity reaches a certain level. You will feel an electric shock.

Recently, many buyers say they don't work. After our verification, the situation is as follows. This massager has a total of 15 Level When the massager is turned on, the intensity may be too low to feel very small. At this time, you can press "high" to increase the intensity.

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